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Medical articles
Date: 11/12/2018

Vitamin D plays a vital role for our health. Discovered in 1922 by the American biochemist Elmer Mc Collum, vitamin D can be synthesized by the body thanks to the ultraviolet rays of the sun (UVB). Why is vitamin D essential? It is essential for fixing calcium in the body. It regulates blood calcium levels

Latest Technological Developments
Date: 04/12/2018

The entire digestive tract has an area of 1000 m², which represents the largest area of the human body. It contains 100,000 billion micro-organisms that play an important metabolic, secretory and immunological role. Many endogenous and exogenous factors influence the quantitative and qualitative composition of the flora. An imbalance of this composition can cause gastrointestinal

Latest Technological Developments
Date: 22/11/2018

When healthy, the oral microbiome supports and protects the delicate mucous membranes aswell as the surface of the teeth themselves. But in spite of the best intentions to perform daily brushing and flossing, many people still end up with periodontal disease, often referred to as “gum disease”. The result can be deterioration of the gum

Medical articles
Date: 19/11/2018

Professor Hans Michael Ockenfels, one of the most famous and experienced specialist in the field of dermatology, especially for Vitiligo and Psoriasis, will be consulting in our medical center on Friday November 23rd. His treatments are the most advanced and efficient to help patients improve their skin’s state: Psoriasis treatment Vitiligo treatment Do not hesitate

Medical articles
Date: 17/10/2018

Widely used as a herb in cooking, the basil plant belongs to the same family as mint and is a native to tropical areas around the world. Basil is available in a variety of types or hybrids, but the most commonly used version has a fairly strong, pungent taste with notes of sweetness. Its fame

Medical articles
Date: 17/09/2018

Many ill effects of aging are caused by low-grade, chronic inflammation. These slow-burning internal fires damage tissues and underlie many cancers, vascular disorders, and dementias. Inflammation is partially regulated through the eicosanoid pathway. Age, poor diet, and other factors tip the balance of this pathway from anti-inflammatory to pro-inflammatory. Omega-3 rich fish oil rebalances the