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Latest Technological Developments
Date: 31/03/2015

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has long been useful for diagnosing problems of the brain, spine and joints. Over the past decade, MRI has proven useful in diagnosing certain uncommon cardiovascular problems such as aortic dissection, cardiac tumors, and congenital heart disease. And MRI has proven a valuable research tool for studying more common cardiac disorders

Medical articles
Date: 06/02/2015

This check-up is intended for women sexual active and probably planning pregnancy. It’s  created not only for the prevention of female reproductive system using biological and radiological studies, but also to study the eating habits and lifestyle of the patient and to give her recommendations for improving the quality of life in all clinical aspects. Our doctors

Medical articles
Date: 20/11/2014

Andropause or hormonal changes that occur with age in men must be supported by specialists and specific skills. Especially since it is the time in your life when you want to stay sexually active. This check-up doesn’t only allow to perform a preventive urology control, with the help of appropriate laboratory and radiological tests, but

Medical articles
Date: 06/05/2014

Sofosbuvir (brand name Sovaldi) is a drug developed by Gilead Sciences used to treat hepatitis C infection. In combination with other therapies, Sofosbuvir can effectively cure hepatitis in 90 percent of patients. It inhibits the RNA polymerase that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) uses to replicate its RNA. It was discovered at Pharmasset and developed

Medical articles
Date: 14/04/2014

In collaboration with Dr Jean-Pierre Naim, we have developped our rejuvenation check-up and treatment. Our anti-aging specialist identifies and treats the nutritional and hormonaldeficiencies and provides a personalized approach.By optimizing lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress levels, detoxification and hormone replacement, this revolutionary medicine boosts your energy, your well-being, your happiness and your sex life. Anti-aging medicine is the