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Latest Technological Developments
Date: 23/04/2015

Spine surgery is a rapidly evolving field as more traditional large open spine surgeries continue to give way to minimally invasive spine (MIS) surgical techniques. The O-arm® Imaging System is a complete multi-dimensional surgical imaging system. It is designed for use in spine, orthopaedic, and trauma-related surgeries. During back or spine surgery, precision is everything.

Medical articles
Date: 20/04/2015

The role of Swiss medicine      

Medical articles
Date: 14/04/2015

Food has a profound effect on our health. From the first milk we take, to the vast array of culinary creations that give us both pleasure and sustenance, our genes influence our diets — and vice versa. This complex interplay has shaped human evolution. Nutrigenomics will help us exploit this relationship, blurring the boundaries between

Latest Technological Developments
Date: 13/04/2015

Immunotherapy is a new class of cancer treatment that works to harness the innate powers of the immune system to fight cancer. Because of the immune system’s unique properties, these therapies may hold greater potential than current treatment approaches to fight cancer more powerfully, to offer longer-term protection against the disease, to come with fewer

Latest Technological Developments
Date: 31/03/2015

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has long been useful for diagnosing problems of the brain, spine and joints. Over the past decade, MRI has proven useful in diagnosing certain uncommon cardiovascular problems such as aortic dissection, cardiac tumors, and congenital heart disease. And MRI has proven a valuable research tool for studying more common cardiac disorders

Medical articles
Date: 06/02/2015

This check-up is intended for women sexual active and probably planning pregnancy. It’s  created not only for the prevention of female reproductive system using biological and radiological studies, but also to study the eating habits and lifestyle of the patient and to give her recommendations for improving the quality of life in all clinical aspects. Our doctors